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We are grateful to our wonderful clients for their kind words and referrals.


Walks of Nature is a fantastic dog walking service!  

Our experiences with Walks of Nature services have only been positive. mPat and his staff are professional, trustworthy, dependable, kind, and caring.

His staff are not just dog walkers but they have become Lola’s friends and daytime companions. Carly started caring for Lola when she was a puppy and now Alan visits Lola each day. Lola is the very good dog today thanks to Carly’s and Alan’s love, caring, and consistent training. Lola looks forward to her midday playtime and exercise with Walks of Nature.

  • Marion (Betsy)

Just want to let you know that we were THRILLED with the love and care that Sarah provided Rosie this week.

She truly cared for her and went out of her way to keep her safe. She also provided a daily update, which we did not request, but was a nice touch to know that Rosie was in good hands.

Additionally, we appreciated your quick responses and follow up in trying to schedule Sarah at the last minute.

Everything about your service has been outstanding!

We will definitely be using your services again in the future and hope that Sarah will be available.

  • Diann Bailey


Jill Haley-Rose is not the first dog trainer we have tried but she is certainly the best. She brought a combination of skills, knowledge, and attitude to helping us with our dog that was impressive and effective, to say the least. Our dog had a very rough beginning in a puppy mill. He had fears and anxieties that plagued him for his entire life and created difficulties with his behavior, especially involving visitors and any situation that was not in our house under normal circumstances.

Jill looks at each dog as an individual and each owner’s home as a specific situation. There is no generalizing or trying to apply one method to all situations, but rather the flexibility needed to make the best decisions. She assesses a family’s lifestyle and proceeds accordingly. She is exceptionally well-organized, taking notes and following each session with a report to confirm exercises, the course of action, and what should be emphasized. All of this is discussed in the training session but it is also helpful to see it reinforced in writing. She gives very clear instructions and provides handouts with detailed descriptions of the exercises that are learned in the session. She also responds promptly to emails that we sent between sessions requesting clarification or followup to be sure we were on the right track.

We were exceptionally pleased with Jill’s philosophy of dog training, her knowledge, and her approach to our problem. We recommend her to anyone who needs help, regardless of how fearful, neurotic, or challenged their pet is. Your dog will find a kind and sympathetic friend in Jill.

  • Noryn Resnick and David Sloviter

Max + Eli

Professional, cost effective, reliable service… Eli and Max look forward to their midday playtime visits.

  • JED, North Granby, CT

The Jones'We are very glad to have found Pat Haley and Walks Of Nature for daily visits and exercising of our Welsh Springer Spaniel. Their regular feedback and caring, professional manner are just what we were looking for. Our dog is more relaxed evenings after getting outdoors with Pat and his crew while we are at work. Pat has also been able to accommodate an occasional off-hours request. Walks Of Nature's attention to the details really puts us at ease that our furry best friend is in the best hands when we can’t be there. Thank you Pat and your Walks Of Nature family of walkers

  • The Jones Family, Granby, CT

HectorWalks of Nature is more than just a dog walking service. Pat takes the extra time and effort to make sure our big, active yellow Lab-like Hector is stimulated. Hector loves his walks and the time they spend together. We are grateful that we found Walks of Nature. We would recommend Pat to anyone who loves their dog as much as we do.

  • The Schulitz Family – Avon, CT

Piper is happiest outside playing ball. The wonderful staff at Walks of Nature provide her play time and affection. I highly recommend their services, peace of mind care whether local or overnight. Priceless.

  • Emily Brady – Bloomfield,CT

New to the area, we were concerned about finding someone to take care of our ‘girls’ on a regular basis. It’s usually not difficult to find someone willing to feed our two very spoiled house cats. We were most concerned about finding someone who would take care of our 10 very spoiled chickens! Thank goodness for Walks of Nature! We were happy to find out that Beverly has first-hand experience at raising chickens. We appreciate the first-class service, reasonable rates, and constant communication. Beverly will send us texts about how our girls are doing, and there’s always a detailed note when we return home. It gives us peace of mind knowing our cats and chickens are being well cared for while we’re away!

  • Jennifer A. Lichlyter – North Granby, CT

Baby PepperDependable, Honest, Caring, Flexible! Pat Haley’s Walks of Nature service has been above and beyond my expectations. We have a very hectic lifestyle, but wanted to add a 6 week old puppy to the mix. We have used Walks of Nature for more than a year. Without Pat and his team, adding Pepper to our family would have been impossible. Superior care and lots of playtime keep Pepper happy and safe while the rest of the family is at work or school. Pat’s daily detailed text messages let us know how Pepper is doing while we are not home.

Thanks for all you do Pat!

  • The Caggiano Family – Simsbury, CT

Gretta and TobiasI would be at a loss without Pat Haley and the Walks of Nature services. My husband and I work long hours and knowing that my two dogs are being let out, walked, and played with brings such a relief to my day. Not only is Pat dependable, but also caring and trustworthy. Not many people can handle a German shepherd and mastiff, but I know when I leave for work each morning they are in good hands with the staff at Walks of Nature. Since I have had this service I have noticed such a difference with my mastiff’s rambunctious attitude when I get home from work, he is much more relaxed. I would truly be at a loss without Pat; he has become part of our family. This service has been one of the best things I have ever done for my dogs. Gretta and Tobias always look forward to seeing him! Pat goes above and beyond, I cannot thank him enough!

  • Rachel Preble, Westfield, Mass

ParakeetsAfter one too many traumatizing experiences boarding our four parakeets while away on travel, my wife and I decided to look into hiring a pet sitter to take care of them in our home. Our research led us to Pat Haley and his wonderful company Walks of Nature. Pat’s been taking care of “the girls” whenever we’re out of town for three years now and it’s made a world of difference for us and for our birds. Meticulous, reliable, and thoughtful, Pat has been everything we’ve asked for and more. Every morning he comes by right on schedule to change their food and water and put on some music for them, and every evening he stops by to play their special “good night” song and cover them up. After each visit he lets us know how things went so that, whether we’re away for a night one state over or traveling on the other side of the world for a week and a half, we always know our birds are safe and sound and happy.

It’s hard to overstate how much that kind of peace of mind means to us.

  • Joe and Tracy, Weatogue, Ct

Lab Puppy

We knew we wanted a puppy to add to our family but we both work outside of the home. We were unsure what to do. Then we met Pat Haley. What a great addition to our family Pat has become. He is dependable, very trustworthy, caring and is always very attendant to the needs of our beloved pooch. I highly recommend Walks of Nature to everyone with a beloved pet.

  • Ann A., Granby CT

SullyWalks of Nature has been a life-saver for me! My cat, Sully has digestive issues, so he is on a special raw food diet. The raw food needs to be kept refrigerated and Sully needs to fed twice each day.

Additionally, I foster cats for an amazing local rescue group and don't like them to be left alone for even a day when I'm not here. Pat has watched Sully and the fosters while I've been out of town many times. He and his team not only make sure they are fed, have fresh water, and clean litter boxes, they also stay for a while and play with the cats! I get detailed notes telling me how much was eaten and how the cats acted in my absence. I would highly recommend Walks of Nature to any animal parent out there.

  • Tara Rousseau, East Granby

Walks of Nature and Pat Haley are by far the best service we have ever had, or ever even heard of! I have always been upset about going away on vacation since I won't put my dog in a kennel and good dog care is so hard to find. Our dog is like a child to us. So when I found the Haleys, it was pure heaven. On my last vacation I was truly able to relax knowing that our dog was happy and healthy and actually having at least a good a time as I was!

  • Diane Tucker, West Hartford

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